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Learn About our Online Quranic School Academy!

Online Quranic School is a Quran teaching academy which is teaching the Quran in different countries. We are providing our services in UK, USA, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, Switzerland,and many other countries, our online tutors teach Quran reading, translation, Hifzul Quran and Tafseer.Our online teachers are closely working with a team of experts to deliver quality education. Our tutor’s teaching methodology is quite dynamic which enables students to learn the Quran in a very short period of time.We will warmly welcome all the new students. Males and females of any age can join us for learning basic Quran reading to Tafseer e Quran. Alhamdulillah, we have students from all around the globe and they are learning religious education which proves the quality of our teaching. Along with teaching the Quran we also help children develop good habits, most importantly we make all the childrenrealize the importance of respecting their parents and elders.

  • We are available to teach Quran online 24 hours a day. For females, we have ladies teachers from whom they can not only learn the Quranbut also seek their advice in other complex religious matters.
  • We have a team of Ulama e Karam and Muftian who teach important religious matters to the general public.
  • May Allah Almighty accepts our efforts in teaching Quran and blesses those who are supporting us in spreading the knowledge of Quran. Ameen
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